It’s all about the Grip

One of the most important parts of the golf club, which is often overlooked, is the grip. The grip plays a huge part in golf, lets face it the grip is the only part in that has any contact with our body. Time and time again we see people with either well-used grips that are too old or grips that are the wrong size for the player.

Grips can come in many shapes, sizes and textures. When selecting a grip and looking at the different textures available there are some things that should be taken into consideration; the climate you play in, whether your hands perspire a lot and the overall feel of the grip to you.

Some people like tacky grips, like leather for example, and others like cord grips which feel a bit harder, some people like grips that are round and others like a rib in the back. For me, the texture is only important in how it feels for you.

The grip, whilst a small piece of golf equipment, it is important to get it right. The most important part of the grip is getting the correct size. This is something that is often overlooked during the club fitting process, however is a huge part in the success of your golf shots. Grips that are too small often lead to far too much tension in the grip and forearms, making it hard for the player to release the club. Grips that are too small can also lead to sore fingers and arms in the latter stages of the round or practice session. In turn, grips that are too big make it very hard for the player to grip the club in a true neutral position. Being able to grip the club with good neutrality allows the club to open and close with the player’s body rotation allowing for consistency in shot direction.

Most players prefer the feel of larger grips however it is a good idea to resist the urge to go too big and get them properly fitted by a PGA member. Club fitting is essential, and this includes your getting your grip size right.

Grip manufacturers recommend changing your grip once a year, however with proper care and regular cleaning your golf grip can last the life of your golf club.

The Golf School on the Gold Coast has a golf shop where you can ensure you are using the right size equipment for you with a club fitting. If you want more information on anything golf related feel free to pop into our golf shop or give us a call.

Next time you head out to the links or the range for a practice session take a couple of moments to check your own grips to see if they need replacing.

Matt Kiernan