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Michael, Sydney

I was given a voucher for a golf school week by friends that had been to the golf school before. I was a bit hesitant, thinking old dogs new tricks is hard. I thought it would just be another minefield of information that is unable to be processed in under 2 years practice and gym work. I was totally wrong, Boy was I wrong. On my first day Pete at the golf school gave me a sequence to address my fundamentals that has become so easy for me to do and maintain. I dropped 15 shots off my handicap from 27 to 12 in the last 12 months. I don't consider myself a gifted athlete or physical specimen, but hey now I am now an A grader at my club. Thanks Pete for making it so simple to get better.

Harold, Geelong, Australia

I am 68 years of age and the the fittest of my age, with niggling back problems. I attend the Golf school week in April 2013 on referral from a friend who attended a decade ago. The same profesional is still teaching. His name is Peter Harrington. He has been teaching for 20 years between bursts of playing on tours. His knowledge in helping me physically with Titelist TPI screening was an eye opener to me. He put me through a 20 point screening test that showed me why most of my swing problems were occuring. He then showed me how to stratch out these range of movement problems with a 5 minute warmm up sequence. To this day I do the stretches and they have really worked wonders in my golf swing and body. Also the stand out in the week was Peter's ability to mak ethings so simple in swing and short game. I cant believe he hasn't written a book on his teaching philosophy and delivery technique. It would make make sense to all who play the game. Super Pro Peter Harrington.

Geoff, Melbourne

One week at the golf school has saved me another 5 years of being in the wilderness of golf. I am a once-a-week golfer and corporate player 6 times a year. I don't want to practice 10 hours a week as I don't have the time. Pete at The Golf School has made my game look like I am practicing 10 hours a week. His simple sequence through set up into swing just works so easily at giving me consistency with my swing. His short game processes and tips make so much sense, the way he expalins it. I can actually improve week to week without practice and if I hit a bad shot I know exactly what I have done wrong and how to fix it. Brilliant simplicity Pete, you're a breath of fresh air in golf coaching mate.

Sean, Yamba

I have had many lessons during my 10 years playing golf and have read and watched tips online. But no one has come close to being able to explain with so much clarity annd simplicity how to play this game. Pete at The golf School has obviously been able to simplify the wholw process and sequences of learning the swing better than any other pro I have seen or talked to. Do yourself a favour and make golf so much easier and book in for a golf school week. It just makes golf easy.

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